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Top 10 Tips on Running Errands (with a baby)

On The Brady Bunch, Carol never had to do anything without help.  Alice did the shopping with her, cooked dinner with her, and made herself the butt of a lot of the jokes (supposedly so Carol never looked dumb).  In the real world, you’re probably going to do most of these things on your own (though hopefully with help from hubby?)  The cupboards may be stocked with goodies, the pantry may be filled with treats, but it seems like there are always errands to be run.  And guess what?  You don’t have to do them alone.  Now you get to do them with a heavy, irritable, impatient infant.  Here are 10 survival techniques to get you through what used to be an easy trip to the supermarket:

  1. Feed your little one before leaving the house.  An obvious one, we’re sure, but an easy-to-forget-until-the-last-minute detail.
  2. Have a checklist of baby traveling needs (i.e. pacifier, diapers, etc).  This list will either be mental or physical, depending on your propensity for anal-retentive behavior.
  3. If driving, pack stroller and/or hammock, satchel, papoose, or other means of transport.  If walking, put baby in one of the aforementioned devices.
  4. Don’t forget the diapers and wipes.  Again, don’t forget diapers and wipes.  A yucky tushy will cause a very yucky outing.  (Oh, and don’t forget the diapers and wipes!)
  5. Pack an extra ensemble (no, not for you) for the peeing, pooping, spitting up, and drooling tot.
  6. Have your shopping list, itinerary, and traveling route prepared.  You don’t want this taking any longer than it needs to.  Plus your baby brain hasn’t been remembering things too well recently, now has it?
  7. Have your distraction device handy – toy, music-maker, white noise machine, etc. You can only “Shhhh” so much into the car seat behind you, before accidentally running over someone’s Dachshund (a guilt-ridden and costly mistake).
  8. Bring your hands-free device.  If baby sleeps through any of this trip, it may be your one chance to catch up with a friend all day.
  9. Make your first stop one through the drive-thru Starbucks.  A venti beverage of your choice will certainly put a little kick in your step (unless, of course, you’re refraining from caffeine while nursing, in which case, get something huge and herbal)
  10. Meditate.  Before leaving the house, don’t forget to meditate.  This will not be a walk in the park (no matter how many times you’ve thought that “this time it will be different!”)