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Bottle-feeding or Breastfeeding – What Will You Choose?

With all the decisions mothers face on a daily basis, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. Advice is more abundant in our lives now than ever before and yet we still may feel alone and frustrated. If only we had a round table of experts at our beck and call – ready and willing to give us all the information we need to make the best decision for our little ones.

Thankfully, Pea in the Podcast has us covered.

One of the greater (and controversial) decisions we make is whether we will choose to bottle-feed or breastfeed our baby. If you are wondering what will be best for you, or even if you have already decided how you will feed your baby the following podcasts provide us with a wealth of information to help us along the way:

“All About Feeding: Breastmilk, Formula, Allergies and More”

Pediatricians and Lactation consultants will weigh in with facts and advice on breastfeeding and bottle-feeding alike.

“Well obviously breastfeeding is going to have some real significant advantages for moms, or for babies rather. We have to keep in mind that breast milk is a living, breathing product that contains hemoglobin and other things that help boost a baby’s immune system and even boost their intelligence.”

“Formula is nutritionally complete, there are some differences in infectious outcomes that we’ve seen breastfed versus bottle-fed babies but for those parents who can’t breastfeed they can feel reassured that the formulas that are available on the market today are actually quite complete.”

Also in this podcast are tips on how to overcome some of the challenges of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. You will get some insight on allergies – how to recognize these allergies as well as how to deal with them. You’ll also hear what other moms have to say about their decisions to breastfeed or bottle-feed and the joys and challenges that came along with their decisions.

“Breastfeeding: Tips, Hints and Advice to Make it Work For You”

In this podcast you will learn about the joys of breastfeeding:

“A woman would want to choose nursing for many different reasons. One is it is just fun, whenever a woman nurses there are hormones that are released into her bloodstream that are very, very relaxing and it feels good to nurse. It’s the natural continuation of the pregnancy.”

You will also learn about the challenges of breastfeeding:

“It’s not instinctive; it’s kind of a myth that all women know how to breastfeed, just like it’s a myth that because you are a man you know how to fix every car or to repair everything.”

Mothers and experts alike will weigh in with tips and advice on how to make breastfeeding not only work for you, but how to make it an enjoyable experience for both you and baby. You’ll also hear practical advice on getting back to work while continuing to breastfeed.

“Bottle Feeding: Whether It’s Formula or Breastmilk, How to Prepare for the Bottle”

If bottle-feeding is the right path for you, this podcast has it all. You’ll get a crash course in choosing the right bottles and nipples for your baby as well as an explanation of BPA’s.  You’ll hear the trials and errors of other mothers and the challenges that may come along with formula feeding including cow’s milk intolerance. (Note: This is also a rare occurrence in breastfed babies as well.)

“With formula feeding — like with breastfeeding — there are challenges, and one of the big ones is that a lot of babies are sensitive to cow’s milk protein. Of course, formula is made of cow’s milk, not human milk. You can’t predict who will have trouble and who won’t, but if you have a cow’s milk protein sensitive baby — and I did — after a couple of weeks you will definitely know it.”

You’ll also hear tips from mothers like you on how to make bottle-feeding easier.

“I would fill a bottle with tap water before we would leave home and just keep it in the diaper bag, and when it was time for her to eat, I’d put the formula in, shake it up, press the air out and feed it to her, and she was happy with that.”

Whether you are planning on feeding your baby formula, pumping your breastmilk, or choose a combination of breastfeeding and formula-feeding, this podcast will answer all your questions related to feeding your baby with a bottle.

Whether you are a new mommy or have been a mommy for a while, we can all agree that one of our greatest needs is support. We need to know that whatever decision we make for our babies we’ll have the right tools and encouragement needed to make it work. These podcasts are all about support – with experts and mommies like you ready with the information and encouragement you need to succeed in your journey of Mommyhood.

So when it comes to feeding your baby, what will you choose? What factors influence you (or have influenced you) the most in your decision to breastfeed or bottle-feed?  What have been your personal joys and challenges?  Listen to the podcasts and feel free to weigh in below!