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Should your Partner View the Birth?

Every man is different, as are every set of eyes.  How your man will respond to seeing the baby born from a front row seat is dependent on a few different variables.  Should he view it, or should he stick by your loving smile?  Here are four questions that will answer yours.

  1. How’s his stomach?
  2. How’s his comfort level with your sex life?
  3. What’s his role in the birth?
  4. What does he want?

For the first question, it’s a simple matter of how good he is at holding his lunch.  He is going to see a side to you he (a) didn’t know existed and (b) wished he didn’t know existed.  He will see your hoo-haw stretched across the room and, quite possibly (though not necessarily), excrement making its way out, just underneath.  The gross-out factor may take away from the joy of the moment, or he may be able to shrug off those feelings for the thrill of seeing his baby arrive into the world.

What does this have to do with your sex life?  Two men were asked how they felt about viewing the birth of their child.  One said it was the most wonderful thing he’d seen.  The other man said he had a hard time having sex with his wife for a whole year after that.

Question three may just take care of the situation all together.  Birth isn’t always how it is on TV (can you believe it?)  In many cases, the man has a job to do, in addition to holding your hand and saying “breathe”.  Oftentimes, the man will share the job of the nurse.  Each of them will hold one of your legs as you push.  Though he may be able to peek his head around to see the action, he may be too involved with being the leg-carrier to get to see the show.

And the final question to ponder is whether or not he wants to.  Because of questions one and two, this should be his decision to make.  And no matter what decision he makes, he just may change his mind at the last minute.

When it’s all said and done, no matter what he saw, he’ll think you’re a goddess… his beautiful, magnificent, heroic, kinda gross goddess.

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