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Germ-Free Kids

So, there’s this doctor out there promoting a book saying he can teach you how to get and keep your child free of germs. Oh really? Do tell. Barring bubble wrap, I’m not sure how this would be done. Yes, sickness is no fun, and if you’re a working mom — like me — it’s inconvenient, can lead to missed days at work, a cross boss and a miserable child. So, yes. Sickness bad. But germ free?

Your kids are exposed to germs everywhere. At home, at school, at daycare and at the doctor’s office. On doorknobs, on the public bathroom faucet, in your grocery cart and on mom. There’s no way to avoid them. And a little germiness here and there may not be a bad thing at all. At least Baylor College of Medicine pediatrician Dr. Sara Rizvi thinks so, and I think whatever she thinks (I heart Dr. Rizvi). Dr. Rizvi and I also spend a little time in the following interview talking about probiotics (the good stuff in yogurt) and their impact on immunity…

Listen to what Dr. Sara Rizvi has to say about germ free kids here

I don’t know about you, but I want my kid to play with other kids and touch things and go to the store with me and generally be a kid, even if she catches a cold. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to host a pox party anytime soon, but I also refuse to hover over my three year old with a container of wet wipes. Sure, reasonable precautions are in order. We do frequent hand washing, and Dr. Rizvi has inspired me to run out and get some hand sanitizing gel for my impatient child, but a life in a bubble is not for my girl.

Of course, if your child has compromised immunity for any reason, please disregard everything I just said.

By the way, Dr. Rizvi is also featured in our podcast on Caring For Your Newborn. Check it out!