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Taking care of baby’s skin

It is true, there is nothing more sweet smelling than that of your baby’s soft skin.  It’s almost edible!  Doesn’t it seem crazy, then, that the baby-care industry topped $815 million dollars in 2007 and is continuing to climb at an aggressive rate?  Speeding this sector right along is the trend towards “natural baby care,” which began in the more natural and co-op type markets but has quickly come mainstream with major manufacturers joining in (think Huggies, Johnson & Johnson, etc.) 

Last year, independent testing found that more than 60% of all baby skin care products tested contained ingredients that had links to skin allergies and cancer.  According to the group that conducted the research, the Environmental Working Group, some of the chemicals are banned in Europe, such as 1,4-Dioxane.  However, the U.S. has no federal limits on how much of this ingredient can be present in personal care products, even when marketed for use on babies!

There is some good news.  According to pediatrician Alan Greene, M.D., author of Raising Baby Green, you can skip products all together during your baby’s infant stage.  ” A gentle sponsge bath with warm water works fine for baby’s sensitive skin.”  When your baby is ready to graduate into baths that require a little bit more “cleaning” or “elbow grease,” there is hope.  Following his advice, look for brands that have organic ingredients.  A rule of thumb is that anything you can’t pronounce probably shouldn’t go on your baby’s skin.  Another couple of ingredients to avoid are paraben preservatives which include sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates and lastly, mineral oil.    Lastly, babies sense of smell is ultra sensitive at birth, partly because they are programmed to decipher the familiar scents of mom, dad and siblings; so skip the fragrance!

What’s that rash?

As a new parent, you may be extra cautious about what comes next to your baby’s skin.  But even giving your baby the best care possible may not be able to prevent a rash on your little one’s soft skin.  We’ve outlined four of the top infant skin ailments to help you determine what to look for and how to treat it.

 Eczema:  Eczema can appear anywhere on a body but usually doesn’t show up before 3-4 months.  It will usually show up in dry, patchy areas but it can, in worse cases, look like windburn (think red with possible oozing and pus.)  For mild cases, wash the skin with a gentle, fragrance free cleaner and then use generous amounts of moisturizer.  For ongoing or worsening cases, seek a doctor’s advice.

 Prickly Heat: When your little one gets overheated or is exposed to prolonged heat, tiny red bumps that appear on the face, neck, back or bottom.  As temperatures rise, keep your baby’s clothing loose and cool; the rash should fade within 30 minutes of being in a cooler environment.

 Seborrhea: Often known as cradle-cap when its located on the baby’s scalp and eyebrows; but this rash can also appear on the neck, ears, cheeks and chest.  Seborrhea is most common for babies under 6 months of age.  Although no one knows what causes it, there are two easy methods for getting rid of the problem.  Rub a small amount of olive oil on the area to loosen the dry scales or skin then gently brush them off with a baby brush or you can wash the affected area with a small amount of anti-dandruff shampoo.

 Contact Dermatitis: This rash will look like red bumps at the contact site and may itch.  The rash is simply a skin reaction to something your baby came into contact with such as soaps, detergents or even grass.  If the rash looks dry, apply a moisturizer to the area.  If the itching is causing discomfort to baby, talk with your doctor about a hydrocortisone cream.

Top 10 Tips on Keeping the Love Alive (with a baby)

A lot of people say they stopped having sex as soon as they had a baby.  And it can be difficult maintaining romance when many of your conversations revolve around diapers and daycare.  So where does that leave you and your honey?  You can keep the love simmering during your newfound parenthood by putting in a little extra effort.  Here are ten tips to keeping the love alive when there’s a baby running the house (and your bedroom time).

  1. Wear sexy underwear.

    Having recently had a baby, you’re probably not feeling your sexiest.  So put on some flirty undergarments to wake up the sexy that’s sleeping somewhere inside you.  If you can make yourself feel sexy, you’re more likely to be able to make the deed get done.

  2. Say I love you.

    Tell your honey you love them when it comes to you (or even if it doesn’t).  Even though they already know you do… doesn’t it make you feel good to hear it out of the blue sometimes?

  3. Have sex, even when you don’t want to.

    You’re probably not going to be in the middle of doing dishes, with spit-up drying on your shoulder, and suddenly think, “I want to have sex!”  If you’re going to keep a little steam in the relationship, you’re going to have to make the choice to do something you may not be up to.  And don’t worry – once you’re in it, you won’t be thinking about the dishes or the spit-up (as much) anymore.

  4. Do little favors for one another.

    If you’re on a boring errand at the supermarket, buy your special someone their favorite candy.  Or if you’re going to the kitchen, get them a glass of water without them needing to ask.  It’ll make you feel good, and make them feel loved and cared for.

  5. Don’t wait until the evening.

    While many of us prefer the romantic, dark room, and sultry feeling of night, your poor energy level may have no interest in such a task once the sun has gone down.  So if you’re both awake, both in the same geographical area, and the baby is busy doing its own thing, take advantage of it.

  6. Take naps.

    If you’re not going to be doing it during the day, take a nap so you’re able to tackle it that night.

  7. Get touchy feely.

    Instead of just walking by your partner while you’re both doing busy work in the kitchen, next time brush your hand across their back while you pass.  This will remind them that you haven’t forgotten how much you like touching them.

  8. Don’t lose the teenager in you.

    Remember when you used to make out on the couch in fear that parents were going to walk in?  Well, now you don’t have to worry about parents… So if you’re just watching TV, make it a little interesting next time and have yourself a make-out session.

  9. Go on a date.

    Go out with each other on something that’s more than just errands.  Even if it’s taking a walk around the neighborhood after dinner, if you’re holding hands, it’s bound to be a little romantic.

  10. Snuggle.

    When all else just wasn’t possible today, end the evening by snuggling up to them in bed.  Romance and intimacy can be just as alive without the sex.  Just be close to each other, even if you pass out while doing it.

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