Third Trimeser

Third Trimester: Everything You Need To Know About The Third Trimester

12.60 MB | 31:38 Min

Your baby is almost here! You're getting your body ready for labor and delivery and your house ready for baby! This is a time of joy, and of challenge. Your back hurts. Your hips hurt. You have to pee all the time. You're exhausted, but you can't sleep. And what are those contractions I'm feeling? Is it time to go to the hospital, or are they just practice contractions? And what in the world is a bloody show? Bonnie Petrie and Certified Nurse Midwife Leslie Ludka answer all of those questions for you, and more. Bonnie also talks with a mom-to-be who is so far into the third trimester, she's overdue!


Week 28: RhoGAM Shot

4.20 MB | 6:03 Min

RhoGAM is a shot given to a woman with RH negative blood to protect her baby. What are the risks of RH negative blood to and RH positive baby? What's it like to get the shot?


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Week 29: More Mommy Symptoms

4.60 MB | 6:38 Min

Swelling, reflux, hip pain, oh my! How do you make all this easier to take? And seeing the baby move!


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Week 30: Preeclampsia

3.90 MB | 5:32 Min

What is Preeclampsia? Who is at risk? What are the risks? Can you avoid it? An update on your baby's development.


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Week 31: Mommy Symptoms Redux

4.40 MB | 6:20 Min

Vivid dreams, varicose veins, spider veins, abdominal pain. And your baby's brain is developing rapidly.


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Week 32: Childbirth Classes

4.20 MB | 5:56 Min

Should you take one? What one should you take?


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Week 33: Preparing For a Preemie

5.20 MB | 7:25 Min

Third trimester amniocentesis and steroid treatments for lung maturity are dealt with here. Also, birth plans are discussed.


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Week 34: Sleeping Problems

6.50 MB | 9:19 Min

Should you sleep on your left side? How can you get comfortable? What do you do about frequent urination and congestion that keeps you up?


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Week 35: Group B Strep

5.80 MB | 8:14 Min

Discussion of Group B Strep and the dangers it presents. How do you test for it? How do you treat it?


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Week 36: Fetal Movement

4.10 MB | 5:51 Min

What's normal? Also discussed...your baby "dropping" toward the birth canal.


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Week 37: Breech Babies

5.10 MB | 7:20 Min

What to do if your baby is still breech? Turning the baby and cesarean section discussed.


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Week 38: Pain Management

6.90 MB | 9:48 Min

What are your pain management options?


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Week 39: Labor Signs

4.90 MB | 7:02 Min

How do you know it's the real thing? What should you do? Labor induction is also discussed.


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Week 40: You're Due!!!

5.30 MB | 7:36 Min

Why hasn't this baby come yet? Can you do anything to get labor going? What works and what doesn't.