First Trimeser

First Trimester: Everything You Need To Know About The First Trimester

10.80 MB | 27:05 Min

When you have a positive pregnancy test what you should do is you should make sure that you call your healthcare provider and set up an appointment so you can have a history, a physical exam and necessary lab results from that test and common sense things: you should be eating well, you should be taking good care of yourself, exercising, prenatal vitamins, you want to take really good care of your body to carry a nice healthy pregnancy.


Week 1: How to Improve Conception

3.60 MB | 5:14 Min

The co-author of the books Pregnancy for Dummies and The Pregnancy Bible Dr. Keith Eddleman is joined by Certified Professional Midwife Susan Scott Gill as Pea in the Podcast host Bonnie Petrie walks you through "labor day" Bonnie is also joined by a new mom who shares her labor and delivery story. This podcast will give you a sense of what to expect when your own labor begins and your baby is born.


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Week 2: How to Track the Perfect Time for Conceiving

8.34 MB | 20:47 Min

Pregnancy is an amazing experience, but it isn’t always easy. Pea in the Podcast host Bonnie Petrie and Pregnancy for Dummies and The Pregnancy Bible co-author Dr. Keith Eddleman discuss some of the complications you can face during pregnancy, from gestational diabetes to pre-eclampsia. Dr. Eddleman talks about how these complications can be managed so you and your baby have a healthy, happy birthday.


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Week 3: Conception

3.50 MB | 5:00 Min

Egg and sperm meet and join, and by the end of the week your baby is a ball of cells that can fit onto the head of a needle.


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Week 4: Implantation

3.80 MB | 5:26 Min

You may get a positive pregnancy test this week! Why are you crampy? Will you start to feel pregnant? Listen to this podcast to learn about early pregnancy symptoms.


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Week 5: Your Baby's Heart Beats

4.10 MB | 5:59 Min

You might see your baby's heartbeat. How big is your baby? Pregnancy symptoms begin. What can you expect? What can you do about them?


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Week 6: First Prenatal Appointment

4.70 MB | 6:47 Min

Learn about what to expect during your first prenatal appointment and answers to common questions. Learn about the development of your baby's heart beat, common miscarriage concerns, whether a doula is right for you.


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Week 7: Prenatal Blood Testions

5.80 MB | 8:15 Min

You'll be tested for many things early in your pregnancy. What are they looking for? Also, more morning sickness management.


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Week 8: Miscarriage Fears

6.20 MB | 8:49 Min

Miscarriage signs and sympoms. How to know when to call you doctor. How to cope if you do miscarry.


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Week 9: Prenatal Testing For Baby

7.90 MB | 11:21 Min

What tests are available? What are doctors testing for? What are the risks and benefits?


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Week 10: Hear Your Baby's Heartbeat

3.90 MB | 5:39 Min

You may be able to hear your baby's heartbeat on doppler. Also, we talk CVS testing.


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Week 11: Nuchal Translucency

4.00 MB | 5:40 Min

We examine a prenatal test for Down's Syndrome, that uses ultrasound and bloodwork. Should you consider it?


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Week 12: Time To Tell?

4.70 MB | 6:41 Min

Many moms pick 12 weeks as a safe time to tell the world they are pregnant. Should you be tested for gestational diabetes?