Week 1: How to improve conception

Improve your chances for conception, break your anti-fertility habits and learn when to have sex

Week 2: How to Track the Perfect Time for Conceiving

Ovulation, timing intercourse, pre-conception counseling & doctor appointments: what to expect

Week 3: Conception

Egg and sperm meet and join, and by the end of the week your baby is a ball of cells that can fit onto the head of a needle

Week 4: Implantation

You may get a positive pregnancy test this week! Why are you crampy? Will you start to feel pregnant? Early symptoms

Week 5: Your Baby's Heart Beats

You might see your baby's heartbeat. How big is your baby? Symptoms begin. What can you expect? What can you do about them?

Week 6: First Prenatal Appointment

What to expect.

Week 7: Prenatal Blood Testing

You'll be tested for many things early in your pregnancy. What are they looking for? Also, more morning sickness management.

Week 8: Miscarriage Fears

How to know when to call you doctor. How do cope if you do miscarry.

Week 9: Prenatal Testing For Baby

What tests are available? What are doctors testing for? What are the risks and benefits?

Week 10: Hear Your Baby's Heartbeat

You may be able to hear your baby's heartbeat on doppler. Also, we talk CVS testing.

Week 11: Nuchal Translucency

We examine a prenatal test for Down's Syndrome, that uses ultrasound and bloodwork. Should you consider it?

Week 12: Time To Tell?

Many moms pick 12 weeks as a safe time to tell the world they are pregnant. Should you be tested for gestational diabetes?

Week 13: Eating For Two?

How much weight should you gain during your pregnancy? Should you exercise?

Week 14: Beginning The 2nd Trimester

Are you feeling your baby move? Dealing with more pregnancy symptoms and getting a cerclage. Also, should you rent a doppler?

Week 15: Round Ligament Pain

What are those sharp pains in your abdomen? How do you ease the pain? Also, how much should you see your doctor?

Week 16: The Quad Screen

This blood test looks for evidence of Down Syndrome and neural tube defects. Is there a high false positive rate? Should you get this test?

Week 17: Amniocentesis

This prenatal test involves the insertion of a needle into your uterus. What is the test looking for? Who should consider it? What are the risks?

Week 18: Quickening

This week you may feel your baby move. An update on your baby's rapid development, and a look at the placenta.

Week 19: Talking About Gender

Is there any way to predict gender? Also, more symptoms for you. What's going on with your skin?

Week 20: The Big Ultrasound

The ultrasound to get a good look at how your baby is developing is this week. You can also see gender. What to expect.

Week 21: Weight Gain

You'll gain the most weight of your pregnancy over the next several weeks. How much should you gain?

Week 22: Mommy Symptoms

Round ligament pain, hip pain, sciatica, restless leg, calf pain...what is normal? What can you do about it? Also, a look at exercise

Week 23: Babymoon

Is it safe to travel? How can you make flying more comfortable? What kinds of activities are safe in which to participate?

Week 24: Viability

Your baby, born this week, could survive. We'll talk about that, and the challenges they might face.

Week 25: Twins

A look at special concerns for a twins pregnancy. Also, mommy symptoms like reflux and anemia.

Week 26: Braxton Hicks Contractions

What are they? Are they dangerous? Also, preparing for your coming hospital stay.

Week 27: Gestational Diabetes

What is it? Who's at risk? What's the test like? How to you control it?

Week 28: RhoGAM Shot

RhoGAM is a shot given to a woman with RH negative blood to protect her baby. What are the risks of RH negative blood to and RH positive baby? What's it like to get the shot?

Week 29: More Mommy Symptoms

Swelling, reflux, hip pain, oh my! How do you make all this easier to take? And seeing the baby move!

Week 30: Preeclampsia

What is Preeclampsia? Who is at risk? What are the risks? Can you avoid it? An update on your baby's development.

Week 31: Mommy Symptoms Redux

Vivid dreams, varicose veins, spider veins, abdominal pain. And your baby's brain is developing rapidly.

Week 32: Childbirth Classes

Should you take one? What one should you take?

Week 33: Preparing For a Preemie

Third trimester amniocentesis and steroid treatments for lung maturity are dealt with here. Also, birth plans are discussed.

Week 34: Sleeping Problems

Should you sleep on your left side? How can you get comfortable? What do you do about frequent urination and congestion that keeps you up?

Week 35: Group B Strep

Discussion of Group B Strep and the dangers it presents. How do you test for it? How do you treat it?

Week 36: Fetal Movement

What's normal? Also discussed...your baby "dropping" toward the birth canal.

Week 37: Breech Babies

What to do if your baby is still breech? Turning the baby and cesarean section discussed.

Week 38: Pain Management

What are your pain management options?

Week 39: Labor Signs

How do you know it's the real thing? What should you do? Labor induction is also discussed

Week 40: You're Due!!!

Why hasn't this baby come yet? Can you do anything to get labor going? What works and what doesn't.

All About Labor: Your Labor Questions Are Answered

Labor Options: Hear About The Various Labor Techniques And Which One Works For You

Labor Complications: Things To Watch Out For And Keep An Eye On

Pregnancy Complications: Complications Are Bound To Happen, Here's How To Be Prepared

Pregnancy Complications II: More About Pregnancy Complications

Quitting Your Bad Habits: Take Care Of Your Pregnancy And Quit Those Bad Habits

Lifestyle Makeover: Changing Your Life To Prepare For Baby

Health And Nutrition: How To Optimize Your Body For Your Baby

Working While Pregnant: How To Survive Office Life, Meetings And Conferences

Being A Stay-At-Home Mom: How To Make It Work So You Can Be With Your Baby

Single Moms: Advice, Information And Support For Single Moms

The Baby Shower: How To Plan And Prepare To Make The Most Of Your Shower

Baby Gear: Get The Items You Need And Donít Waste Money On The Ones You Don't

Financial Planning: Get Your Finances In Gear

All About Feeding: Breastmilk, Formula, Allergies and More

Breastfeeding: Tips, Hints And Advice To Make It Work For You

Bottle Feeding: Whether It's Formula Or Breastmilk, How To Prepare For The Bottle

C-Sections: Understand How C-Sections Work So You're Prepared In The Labor Room

You've been planning your labor and delivery for months. You attended classes, you've read books, you've learned how to relax through pain but suddenly you're on your way to an operating room to have your baby surgically, what in the world happened?

VBAC: Vaginal Birth After A C-Section

This week we'll help you have that vaginal birth after c-section, also known as a VBAC. We'll talk to an expert who says VBAC is not as dangerous as you may have been lead to believe. Throughout the 80's and the 90's women who had had cesarean sections had been routinely encouraged to try for a vaginal birth with subsequent children. This climate lead to 28% of all women giving birth after a c-section having a vaginal birth.

First Trimester: Everything You Need To Know About The First Trimester

When you have a positive pregnancy test what you should do is you should make sure that you call your healthcare provider and set up an appointment so you can have a history, a physical exam and necessary lab results from that test and common sense things: you should be eating well, you should be taking good care of yourself, exercising, prenatal vitamins, you want to take really good care of your body to carry a nice healthy pregnancy.

Second Trimester: Everything You Need To Know About The Second Trimester

Third Trimester: Everything You Need To Know About The Third Trimester

Cord Blood Banking: What It Is And Do You Need It?

Emotional Health: How To Ride The Emotional Roller Coaster of Pregnancy

Getting Pregnant: Tips, Tricks And Advice On Conceiving

Trouble Getting Pregnant?: Ideas And Suggestions When You Need Extra Help Getting Pregnant

Dads-To-Be: The Episode For Dads-To-Be

Is It Safe?: Answers For All Your Pregnancy Safety Questions

Looking & Feeling Good: We Show You How To Keep Feeling And Looking Good All 9 Months

Naming Your Baby: What's In A Name?

Caring For Your Newborn: From The First Days Home We Show You How To Care For Your Newborn

Baby Boot Camp: Preparing For The Trials Of Your Baby's First Year

Sex & Pregnancy: Is It Safe? Is It Fun? We Have The Answers

Getting Good Sleep: Helping You Get Your ZZZZ's With The Ever-Growing Belly

Babymoon: Trips, Vacations and Destinations To Explore Before The Baby Arrives

A babymoon is basically the trip that you take right before the baby is born. It is a turn on the phrase honeymoon and it was actually originally created as a trip you would take as a celebration right after the baby came but I think we realized that what we really needed the time alone as a couple prior to baby arriving. Couples now really use that time as a dedicated time to not only bond with each other but really discuss if his excitement and challenges and fears about the fact that they are about to become parents.

Twins and Multiples: The Challenges and Benefits

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