Is Fido’s flea collar safe?

According to a California study, nearly half of all pregnant women live with pets.  In of itself, having furry loved ones around is not a problem, but what about the use of flea treatments or flea collars?  Of course you can find lots of information regarding feline’s litter boxes and pregnancy, but very little has been made known about whether or not Fido’s flea collar poses a problem.

The best route is to inform your OB/GYN if you are using a specific flea control product so you can be advised as to the specifics of their safety.  Even better is to eliminate the flea products that are potentially categorized in the “high toxic” category in  favor of treatments that contain “boric acid.”  This pesticide is about as harmful as table salt, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.  What makes boric acid even more attractive is that these types can be sprinkled onto carpets and other textile surfaces.  The ingredient works to dehydrate the annoying bouncy pests and their eggs, leaving Fido and you pest-free and healthy!

Exercises to Prepare For Labor

If you are like most women, chances are that by your third trimester, you have lost that honeymoon feeling that enveloped you most of your middle months.  With your growing belly, swollen limbs and a lackluster supply of energy, what’s a mom to do for exercising?   As with any exercise program, it is essential to consult with your medical practioner prior to beginning.  Once you have the green light, here are a few exercises to try at home or at the gym which will help keep you in shape but help your body prepare for delivery.

Exercise #1: Side to Side lunges.

Why we love them: lunges really open up a pregnant woman’s hips and pelvic area, creating a wider cavity for baby to navigate through during the birthing process.  This move also provides stretching for the leg and back muscles.  Place your legs farther than hip’s width apart and hold the back of a chair or table to keep steady.  Sway from side to side, deepening the leg bend gradually (but never more than 90 degrees.)  Think of the movement as really exaggerated slow dancing from junior high!  Train up to 30 lunges on each side.

Exercise #2: Wall crouches.

Why we love them: similar to the side lunges, wall crouches help open up the pelvic cavity as well.  This is an extremely great exercise to perform the last couple of weeks and is especially helpful in preparing the pelvic floor.  For moms to be who have back complications, this exercise is heaven for the back!  Slide down a wall until your crouched down a the bottom.  Try to get your knees pointed slightly outwards like a ballerina plie, keeping your feet flat to the floor.  (Try to think of how young children can crouch on the ground to examine a bug; that is the crouch you are going for!)  Hold for up to five minutes.

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Top 6 Funniest Maternity Shirts

Who doesn’t love cute maternity shirts? During pregnancy you should wear comfortable clothes – but why not have a little fun as well? Check out our list of the top 6 funniest maternity shirts and mix a little humor into your maternity style.

Does This Shirt Make Me Look Pregnant?Does This Shirt Make Me Look Pregnant?

If you are one of those women who is constantly asking their significant other if their pants make them look fat, then this is the maternity shirt for you! Hit two birds with one stone and have a sense of humor while still informing people that the extra poundage is due to your pregnancy status. Ok, part of it might be all those midnight craving, but that’s our little secret.

It's Not Over Till The Fat Lady ScreamsIt’s Not Over Till The Fat Lady Screams

A funny twist on a classic quote. Though it might be a constant remind of your impending doom, this shirt will plaster smiles on everyone you meet.

Don’t Touch…The Baby Knows Karate

One of the most common complaints from pregnant women may come as a surprise to those of us who haven’t experience pregnancy. You may think it’s the morning sickness or the mood swings. Surprisingly, many women complain about the fact that people touch their expanded bellies without asking! This shirt is a cute way to tell people to back off in the nicest way possible.

You Can’t Scare Me, I’m Having Twins!

This maternity shirt is perfect for those of you who are pregnant with not just one bundle of joy, but two. Preparing to have a baby can be a little bit nerve-racking. But if you can handle twins, there ain’t much that can rattle you. Sometimes people just need to know who their up against – for instance, while battling it out for a decent parking spot.

I Can Grow People. What's Your Superpower?I Can Grow People. What’s Your Superpower?

What a great way to think about the miracle of pregnancy! Sometimes a superhero is the last thing you feel like when your feet are swollen and your walk is more of a waddle. Sometimes it takes something as simple as a cute maternity shirt to remind us of the amazing feat we are actually achieving by having a baby.


This is by far the funniest maternity shirt I have seen in a while! While slightly controversial, anyone who sticks their nose up at this one just has no sense of humor. We all know accidents can happen – hopefully they turn out happy in the end. But this is a great play on the humor of those kinds of situations.