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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Swine Flu Update -- Pregnant Women May Not Be First In Line

I spoke with Doug McBride at the Texas Department of Health last night. He says the feds will start shipping out small allotments of H1N1 vaccine to states next week. Out of the 15 million doses Texas expects to eventually get, it may only get 270,000. More likely, it will get 170,000...and they expect that shipment to contain only FluMist vaccines.

Why is that important to you, preggo (I say that lovingly)? Because you can't take a nasal spray vaccine. FluMist contains a live, attenuated virus. It could make you sick.

You can only get the shot.

What's happening in Texas will happen everywhere. Each state will get a small batch next week, which will be divided between the counties. They expect the batches they are shipped to get larger every week until they get all the vaccine they expect to get.

Each state will decide on its own what to do with the first small shipment. In Texas, they will begin immunizing toddlers.


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