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Simon Says “Let’s Stop Climate Change”

Looking for a way to teach kids about global warming? We just came across this new DVD for kids 4+ that helps them understand what’s going on and how they can help. Cute animation and story lines:

Cast of characters: Simon, the good-natured red hippo; Peep, a passionate environmentalist; Suzanne the Crystal Goddess, a bird with magical powers; and Bob, a skeptical rodent; children are taught through a direct, yet light-hearted narrative, about everything from the Greenhouse Effect and global warming to the food chain.

The official tagline: The DVD educates children not only about the causes and effects of climate change but also offers solutions for which children can take an active role (and even track by checking off and coloring each solution on the DVD’s fold-out poster). Among the solutions are the “Three Rs,” (reducing, reusing, recycling), composting, and carbon offsetting.

Official site is: