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(mis)Adventures in Reproduction: An Update

It’s been more than a year since I started my (mis)adventures in reproduction.  Last April, I was convinced that I would be pregnant by July of 2010. When July rolled around and I found out I wasn’t ovulating, I re-evaluated my expectations and thought, “Surely, by October.” Then, October rolled around and I discovered a 7 cm cyst was taking up residence on my right ovary. Following surgery that month, I thought, “Maybe by Christmas.”

Christmas came and went and shortly after New Years, I found out I was pregnant. Now before you squeal, I should warn you that there’s not a happy ending. Read on.

After seeing two pink lines, one of which was very faint, on January 2, I phoned my doctor to ask about what to do next. She ordered beta HCG levels drawn 48 hours apart. The first level came back at 31. The second level came back at 29. Wrong direction. HCG should double every 48 hours in early pregnancy. I was officially diagnosed as having had a chemical pregnancy and lost that pregnancy on my 30th birthday.

Fed up, I started taking Clomid, a pill to induce ovulation, at the end of February, had a lot sex and thought, “This is the magic pill. Surely this month will be it.” Big. Fat. Fail.

Only 5 weeks from a road race, I took the month of March “off” and didn’t take Clomid. I ran my ten-mile race and a week later, got another positive pregnancy test. That was a little over a week and half ago. On Easter Sunday, I started bleeding.

That, my friends, makes three losses in 12 months. I’ve been awarded the less than coveted diagnosis of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and have officially qualified for a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist.

More updates to come as we take this road less traveled.

As a side note, it’s National Infertility Awareness Week – certainly not a Hallmark holiday folks but if you know someone affected by this issue, send her a card this week and let her know you’re thinking about her.

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5 Responses to “(mis)Adventures in Reproduction: An Update”

  1. Callie Callie Says:

    Oh, Emily. I’m sorry for your losses. Each one tears you apart, I know. It’s devastating and scary. But, there are often reasons for recurrent loss that are easy to fix. Hopefully the RE will be able to give you some answers, and a plan to help. Again, thanks for sharing your journey – it makes the rest of us not feel so alone.

  2. heather heather Says:

    hey there girl! glad to hear you are alive even though you aren’t having the greatest time of it. I have wanted to contact you but haven’t wanted to bug you. well maybe now after three you will get some answers! seems like the drs don’t want to help much before then. So sorry for your latest loss. Its so hard when our bodies just don’t cooperate with our minds and desires. I’ve been reading on a few websites, i’ll gather them up and send them to you, things i found interesting anyhow. take care and know i am thinking of you! love, Heather

  3. Julia Julia Says:

    Been checking in on your blog for posts…I am sorry to read what you have been through. I also have that wonderful title and met with and RE in January. Had all the testing done at the beginning of the year. As awful as the reason for having to go is, the answers and tests are hopefully helpful in moving forward. I will be thinking of you and hope everything turns around for you. It is not a good place to be so I will not pretend to sugar coat anything. Just wanted you to know that your not alone….

  4. melissa melissa Says:

    I also have been checking back to see if there are updates. I am sorry that you haven’t had good news yet. But, congrats on the road race!!

    My husband and I had our second miscarriage last August. We had a chemical pregnancy in December. I had a exploratory surgery in January. The doctor removed some endometriosis and a small cyst on one of my ovaries.

    Now this is our third month of trying since all of that. We’ve been using letrozole – an oral medicine. I’ve been responding well, but haven’t achieved the desired result. If we don’t have success this month, we’ll probably go back and try menopur (injections) for a month or two.

    An area adoption agency is having an informational meeting at the end of the month. If I don’t get a positive test (we are about half through our 2 week wait) I may ask my husband to go to the adoption meeting with me.

    My advice is stay active/healthy as possible. I’ve fallen out of practice cycling. I could about kick myself. I do tend to feel better when I at least get a casual bike ride in.

    All the best to you on this journey. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!!

  5. Nicky Nicky Says:

    Emily, I found your story when I was having a miscarriage in January of this year. Your blog truly touched my soul, and even though I wish you (or I) never had to go through this, your blog really helped me to put things into perspective. Thank you for sharing – there are times when we need to talk about the things that hurt most.

    I recently had a chemical pregnancy. It really knocked me about. After all the tears, I wondered how you were doing in journey? I’m so sorry to hear that you still haven’t received the positive news that you so crave. Maybe sometime soon we will both be able to hold our own healthy babies…

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