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Holiday Musings from an Infertile

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…If you’re not getting photo cards from all of your fertile friends.

What happened to sending a card with a tree on the front? We got five cards today and all five cards had pictures of our friends and their babies. Awesome. One after another, I opened them up and by the time I was done, I was in a miserable mood. So much for glad tidings and joy.

Though it’s seeming more impossible month by month…if we ever have children, I am thoroughly committed to not sending cards with pictures of them, or me for that matter. The practice of sending a photo card is something I’ve only witnessed from families with children and seeing them is another reminder that I’m not in the club.

In my experience, sending these cards is not something that childless couples do. I mean, I have never seen a photo card with a husband and wife. E-cards from JibJab where my head is superimposed over a character like Ralphie from the Christmas Story? Heck yes. But a photo card that comes in the mail? Um. No.

Can you just imagine me and my husband posing in front of the tree in matching sweaters and then mailing that to all of our closest family and friends? I can see an aunt opening that and shaking her head, “What a shame about these two…Harry, run this to the bedroom will you? I’ll have to write them a letter and see how they are. Did you see this picture of Karen and her kids? What cutie pies. Here. Put this on the fridge. I can’t wait to show the girls when they come over next week.”

And that’s how we couples who are trying to conceive live our lives. We end up in a place behind all our twenty and thirty-something sisters, brothers, cousins and friends who are having kids. All around us, those we love and care deeply about show off their growing families, their lives, their fertile accomplishments in Christmas cards, and ornaments, and homemade gifts from Toddler This and Toddler That while grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, and the “club” of mommies and daddies talk about how special Christmas morning is going to be.

And us? Those of us not in the club? Well, we pretend not to notice and we pretend not to care that everyone else is getting all the attention. We pretend that getting cards of our friends and their kids is not a reminder of what we don’t have. We pretend that we’re not dreading the family gathering where someone says “I’m surprised you don’t have a little one yet.” We pretend that seeing just two stockings hanging from the mantle is A-OK.

Ah yes. Tis the season for pretending. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go write emails to my friends telling them I got their cards and the family looks simply beautiful.

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3 Responses to “Holiday Musings from an Infertile”

  1. Julia Julia Says:

    Sigh…. I couldnt agree more. However I do feel sorta lame bc I have def sent out the photo card with the hubby…but our cutes dogs were there too so thats ok right. Im so cheerful this year I skipped the stupid tradition all together and wish I could send out a memo asking everyone to do me the same courtesy. Ho Ho Ho

  2. Heather Heather Says:

    Here’s a blog you might like to follow if you are into following them as well as writing them. The family its about is from Toledo like me and their son was born about the time our kids would’ve been born. He has a major heart problem and they’ve gone through a crazy intense struggle since they found out about it on the ultrasound. They are finding peace and comfort in Jesus and its really heartwarming to read. take care

  3. Joanne Joanne Says:

    Aw! My husband and I sent out christmas cards with just US on it! =) haha! I put it up next to all the Photo Christmas cards of friends with their kids! I think my husband is just as cute or cuter than any baby in the world!

    Blessings to you this Christmas. It is a difficult season, but a wonderful time to remember that peace, hope, and supernatural joy has come into the world.

    Always reading your blog and root’n for your family…

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