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Life After Miscarriage: On Progesterone and Off My Rocker

I’ve been taking my progesterone pills for a week now. My face looks like a war zone, my bowels are in distress, and I’m pretty sure that a nitroglycerin plant could explode just outside my bedroom and I wouldn’t notice. I have a window of about 45 minutes between taking the pill and entering into a coma. On the plus side, I’m getting some great sleep.

Waking up the next day is a bit of a challenge and I think the extra hormones are eating brain cells because I left the pill bottle in my gym bag and left the gym bag in my car. If you want to know what I found when I opened the bottle that night, put a few jellybeans in the microwave for thirty seconds.

The next day, I sheepishly showed the pharmacist my ‘whoops.’ Her eyes popped out of her head and she said, “Wow. Oh. Hmmm.” Thanks lady. Yeah. I know I’m supposed to keep the pills in a cool dark place.

I watched her put the melted, rubbery yellow hunk in the palm of her hand and take it to the back to find out if they could replace the prescription with the ‘damaged’ feature of my insurance plan. You would have though she was carrying a tiny rhinoceros in the palm of her hand by the reactions of the staff in the back. Through the glass, I saw raised eyebrows and confused faces. Seriously guys. I can’t be the first person to have done this.  I’ve been really careful with my replacement pills, especially since I had to pay full price for half the pills.

I have three more days with this round. Then we wait for the magic to happen. Supposedly, my body will recognize the rapid decline in the hormone and Aunt Flo will show up. From there, we wait until cycle day 21. On that day, I run to the doctor without passing go and get my blood drawn. The results will tell us whether I am ovulating.

If I am, then I’ll continue taking the progesterone and hope that our routine — I mean our every-other -day romantic rendezvous’, result in a pregnancy.  If I’m not ovulating, then we have to make a decision about whether to start a course of egg-releasing pills.

Thanks a lot body. This is so much fun.

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3 Responses to “Life After Miscarriage: On Progesterone and Off My Rocker”

  1. Heather Heather Says:

    what an adventure you’ve been on! i don’t think i’m ovulating either. this cycle was 24 days long which made me think i couldn’t even count. totally losing my mind! my period has never, never, never been early. so weird! waiting, waiting…. sure hope you start feeling like yourself again soon. hopefully if you do need those egg releasing pills they won’t make you feel so yucky. although if its clomid they are talking about, they do. a friend of mine just had her baby after 4.5 yrs of trying. drs. finally prescribed clomid and after two months of yucky clomid symptoms =one happy mom and baby! so it should all be worth it in the end right?

  2. Emily Emily Says:

    Not sure if I’m up for Clomid. The progesterone made me one crazy…uhhh…one crazy girl. I’ll keep you guys updated as the saga continues. Thanks for reading!!

  3. Melissa Melissa Says:

    Don’t feel bad. I have melted progesterone at least once.

    I’ve been on chlomid and didn’t notice any side effects. I was on month two of chomid when we got pregnant the first time. I was on menopur the second time for two cycles. I don’t like menopur because we have to do injections for five days. It’s not so bad, just not fun and is in no way romantic.

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