Top 10 Tips on Being Productive While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding sessions can sometimes take up to 40 minutes.  With all the laundry and housework to do at home, as well as probably a full time job outside the house, and tedious life duties, like calling the cable guy, how can you possibly feel productive about all the tasks that need to be done when you’re stuck to the couch breastfeeding for huge chunks of your day?  Here are some ideas on things you can still get done, even with a baby glued to the boob.

  1. Learn to do the crossword with your weaker hand – and try to make it not look like your baby did the writing.
  2. Get in that phone call that you don’t really want to make, and then use the baby as an excuse to end it early.
  3. Work on your blog that you created, hoping to become the next Julie and Julia.
  4. Watch BH 90210.  Why?  If you have to ask, you’ve clearly never seen it.
  5. Drink a glass of water.  Staying hydrated while nursing is key – especially if you don’t like having orange pee.
  6. Play with your baby’s hair, and start planning new and inventive ways to style the few short hairs he/she has.
  7. Meditate.  Take this forced break to take a moment to breathe.  Or use it to plan how you’re going to survive dinner with the in-laws tomorrow night.
  8. Trim Baby’s nails.  You don’t need CPS wondering how Junior got all those cuts on his face.
  9. Pet the dog or cat.  They always enjoy a captive audience.
  10. Email your partner and ask them to bring home KFC.  After all, you’ve been too busy breastfeeding all day to make dinner.
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