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Life After Miscarriage: Reminders In The Mail

Some how, some way, Target found out I was pregnant. And so did Gerber Life, and American Baby Magazine, and Similac. Unfortunately, none of them got the memo that I’m not longer pregnant. My trip to the mailbox has become a daily reminder of that I should be getting ready to have a baby, not going to wine tastings and participating in adventure sports (I went whitewater kayaking a few weeks ago).

I got a huge ‘Celebrate Baby’ Target catalog today with a coupon that says “Free $20 gift card.” All I have to do is take the coupon and a printout of my registry to Guest Service at any Target store and they will give me a $20 gift card. Amazing! Oh what to do, what to do. Am I really going to pass up a $20 gift card when all I have to do is register for baby stuff?

This makes me wonder about registries. Could I start a baby registry and register for things that aren’t baby-related? What are the registry restrictions? I think at this point, I would register for the box of wine and a 500-count bottle of ibuprofen to get me through picking up the mail for the next several months. Then again, I could use the $20 gift card to buy a couple cheapie home pregnancy tests for future use.

What I really want to know is how do I get more of these catalogs with gift card offers on the back? I could create several registries under pseudonyms and rack up well over $100 in gift cards. This would take a little more work though. I’d probably have to monitor the customer service counter at Target for a few weeks to make sure I wasn’t always hitting the same guest services employee. More than one registry when I am so obviously not pregnant would probably raise a few eyebrows.

The Gerber Life Insurance Company offer isn’t nearly as much fun. The only thing I would actually get from participating in this offer is a Certificate of Welcome.  I actually have to fill out an application for my child though I don’t actually have to send any money now. There are big bold letters telling me “Send No Money!” My conscious won’t allow me to make up a name and date of birth, though it would be fun to write a prankster name like Carrie Oekey (karaoke).

Now American Baby magazine is actually very informative. I just read an article titled, “What No One Will Tell You About Being a Mom (But We Will!)” (June 2010) It scared the crap out of me. Heck, it actually made me a little happy I’m not pregnant. The article featured topics that start with “Why didn’t anyone tell me…” and end with “deafening howls can come out of such a tiny creature?” And “that no one mothers the mommy?” Or my personal favorite, “that discomfort does not end with childbirth?” Now this is the type of thing I don’t mind getting in the mail.

Hopefully you all understand that I’ve developed quite a snarky sense of humor from this experience. Oh wait. I had that before this experience.  Anyway…I suppose it’s a real sign of healing that rather than crying when I see the Target Baby catalog, my first thought is how to go about sticking it to Target and getting that $20 gift card!

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2 Responses to “Life After Miscarriage: Reminders In The Mail”

  1. Heather Heather Says:

    you crack me up so bad! we must have a similar sense of humor and we are both super coupon users! i’m thinking of getting a hold of one of those target coupons now that i know about them!
    I am now having period #2, or so the drs say. I didn’t really believe the first one i had was real cause i never really stopped bleeding since the miscarriage. I was bleeding so horribly at one point i went to the ER thinking i was hemorrhaging. they gave me a ton of ibuprofen (which slows bleeding (who knew?) and after drawing still more of my blood they told me i was fine and just having my period. how humiliating. i cried and told the dr she was wrong! well anyhow, i eventually stopped and for 3 whole weeks too! oh i’ll give anything to be normal again! and then what, I’ll have all the pregnancy complaints again. i must be crazy! oh our fickle mortal bodies!

    take care and glad to hear target baby ads don’t make you cry. :) someday you’ll get to do that registry! and then have the most fabulous baby shower, and then bring that little bundle of joy home! then you can blog about sleepless nights cause you have a baby, not cause you love coffee!

  2. andrew andrew Says:

    I can understand.

    Gerber keeps junk mailing my mother who died in 2006 for her three sons the youngest of which is now 26.

    I;ve marked them return to sender with a snarky message about how its a bit too late for a dead woman to get life insurance but they still wont get the hint…

    oddly your page is one of the first one that pops up when someone searches for “gerber life insurance won’t stop junk mailing me”

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