When Having a Baby Doesn’t Sound So Hot Anymore

No matter how much you wanted to get pregnant, no matter how much you felt like your life would never be complete if you never had a baby, you could very well be sitting there, pregnant, wondering if there’s anyway to just take it back.

There is nothing like listening to every parent (and their mother) tell you how you should get sleep now while you can, or how difficult labor will be for you, or how your life will never be the same, to make you question your initial intention. This is not to say that you’ve never thought of these things before. You’re no idiot. You’ve always known that a baby would mean a decreased social life, sex life, mental capabilities, etc. But now you’re in it. You’re pregnant. There’s no turning back. And suddenly you feel… scared.

If you express to someone that you’re afraid of the delivery the most calming thing they might be able to say to you is, “it’s coming out one way or another”. And that’s sort of a good motto for this whole shebang: you’re going to be a mother one way or another. It’s a done deal. And you know what? Most people would bet money that you’re gonna love it. You may even be lying there in the delivery room and when the doctor tells you to give one… last… push you might turn to her and say, “I’m scared to be a mother”, and she’ll probably just smile at you (knowing you have no choice in the matter now) and say, “You’ll be fine”. Because you will.

Many women have these feelings of “Wow, I wanted it so badly, but now that it’s actually coming, I don’t know if this is for me anymore” but they don’t really talk about it. It’s taboo, or irrational, or ungrateful, or immature, or… It’s normal. It probably just means you are one of the few women who truly understands what a big deal this is you’re getting yourself into. You’re no dreamer… you’re a realist. You’re one big, beautiful, hormonal realist.

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