Top 10 Tips for Traveling When Pregnant

Traveling while pregnant can be a wonderful thing – one of your final adventures (no matter how close to home) as freewheeling couple, sans child. However, it can also be an strenuous plight, which pulls on your last nerve every time you have to get situated in the plane, the train, or the newly purchased station wagon. The key to managing such a trip is comfort. Here are some tips to help you maintain as much of it as you can.

  1. Wear slip-on shoes – preferably flip flops (weather permitting)
  2. Always have your bottle of water (a dehydrated pregnant lady is an unhappy
    pregnant lady)
  3. Don’t wear clothes that hide your belly (people are nicer when they see you’re
  4. On a plane, try to get a seat in the bulkhead, in the aisle, or with an empty seat
    next to you, so you can stretch out.
  5. Wear the comfy pants with the loose waist (you won’t always be in a place where
    it’s appropriate to unbutton the jeans…)
  6. Don’t forget all your comfort products and eats! Bring your foot lotion, your
    stretch mark cream, your ginger slices for nausea, your favorite tea, your
    chocolate bars, etcetera. Make yourself feel like you’re in the comfort of home.
  7. Pack a pillow – use it for your back, neck, legs, whatever calls for it.
  8. Bring some non pregnancy-related reading material. The last thing you need to be
    reading about while lounging on the beach is episiotomies or post-partum
  9. Prepare your scripted response for the in-laws, distant relatives, or complete
    strangers at the gas station bathroom who are more than happy to tell you how
    their child’s birth went, and how yours will be just as horrific.
  10. Bring your husband, partner, mailman, whomever. Someone should be carrying
    the luggage, and telling you how much traveling agrees with you.

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