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It Finally Happened: Misoprostal Induced Miscarriage

Just wanted to give a quick update: The last time I wrote, the first dose of Misoprostal didn’t appear to be working. I took the second dose and my experience with the second dose was more consistent, though not entirely, with what was described by my OB. She said something like “Within four hours, you will start cramping and bleeding. Both these things will get progressively worse and you can expect to expel the contents of the uterus within 24 hours.”

It’s true that within four hours of the second dose, I started cramping and bleeding. In fact, it was within that time that I decided if I am ever blessed to give birth, I WILL be having an epidural. Yes. The cramps were that strong and came in waves…like contractions.

The pain slowly subsided over the course of the night and by the morning, I was feeling a little crampy, but not horrible. I actually felt OK until nearly 48 hours later – that’s when I passed the gestational sac. If you’ve been through this, you know that the moments preceding this one are fairly painful. There I was, hanging out with my husband a wave of cramps washed over me. Then, just like that, it was over. I had read that after you pass the sac, the cramps subside almost immediately and I found that to be true so I thought I was in the clear and I was relieved to be starting my physical recovery.

The next day at work was gloriously busy and I was grateful to be so occupied. Same thing the following day until around 4:30. It was at that time that I had horrific cramps and the sudden urge to use the bathroom. Dizzy and sweating bullets, I struggled to get myself into a stall. Just as I landed on the cold seat a gush of fluid splashed in toilet and I doubled over with a contraction.
I sat there for 25 minutes alternating between long contractions and a few short seconds to catch my breath and prepare for the next one. What a strange time it was. I was in the throes of a miscarriage in a public restroom. Never saw that one coming!

Thankfully, I had my Blackberry and was able to get a hold of my manager (also a trusted friend) and get help. She was able to get me out of the building and off to my mom’s house which is, literally, across the street. From there, my mom who happens to be a nurse, took over caring for me.

After this physical experience, I have a hard time believing there could possibly be more…Of course, that’s what I believed a few days ago so who knows. I will keep you posted.

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