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Finally, Two Blue Lines! Now What?

We are proud to introduce Emily, a new mom-to-be that will be journaling about her pregnancy on Pea In The Podcast! Click here to subscribe to Emily’s pregnancy journal.

My name is Emily and I’m addicted to peeing on a stick. Now this is probably not uncommon for someone who is trying to conceive. But for someone who already has, it’s a little bit strange. Or is it?

I think the addiction stems from the thrill that comes from seeing the two blue lines and knowing they confirm something amazing is happening inside of me. After all, other than a few tell-tale symptoms, I have no other way of knowing that I really am pregnant until I see that first fetal heartbeat a whole month from now.

I called my OB after taking the third positive test. The conversation went something like this: ME: “I’ve taken a few pregnancy tests and they’ve been positive. I’d like to come in and have it confirmed.” Receptionist: “You want it confirmed?” ME: “Well, yeah…is that not what usually happens here?” Receptionist: “No ma’am – if your home pregnancy test was positive, you are pregnant.” Silence. “Uh – well, I’ve never been pregnant before…what am I supposed to do now?”

I stewed about this conversation for quite sometime. Was I crazy to ask for confirmation; a blood test, anything more advanced than plastic and paper made in China?

Turns out, I won’t have any confirmation that I’m truly pregnant and that things are progressing well until I see the doctor at 10 weeks. The best I can get before that is an appointment with the OB coordinator, some sore breasts and nausea, and more blue lines from home test kits.

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