Choice Moms: Becoming A Single Mom by Choice

Thanks to Mikki Morrissette for her wonderful comments about Pea In The Podcast on her website:

“The Pea in the Podcast is one of the best I’ve seen for women in the waiting-to-deliver room.” was created as a resource for women who for whatever reason find themselves a single parent. Subjects covered by the website include trying to conceive, becoming a new mom and resources for being the best parent possible. There are several upcoming events in different cities which are “designed to connect like-minded women who are thinking, trying, waiting, being or becoming single mothers by choice.”

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One Response to “Choice Moms: Becoming A Single Mom by Choice”

  1. Alan Alan Says:

    My (40 weeks pregnant) wife listens to your podcast, and I often listen with her. I just wanted to let you know that aside from its being well written and informative, Bonnie has the most mellifluous speaking voice I’ve ever heard. I could sit and listen to her read from the phone book!

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