5 Pregnancy & Baby Apps For iPhone

You’ve seen the doctor and you’ve read every baby and pregnancy book out there. What next? Who says you can’t have a little fun with this incredible nine-month long journey. Use these iPhone apps to help keep track of all of your pregnancy details from date of conception to the birth of your newborn.

1. Pregnancy Tracker

Keep track of your baby’s development – and your fast-growing belly – week-by-week, read the latest posts from the WTE message board community, get daily tips for each day of your pregnancy, and more!

  • Due-date calculator
  • Week-by-week details on your baby’s amazing growth and development
  • Weekly baby illustrations
  • Updates on your changing body
  • Slideshow of your belly pictures
  • Countdown to your due date!

2. NineMonths – Contraction & Movement Timer

Ninemonths is an app that will come in handy towards the end of your pregnancy because it tracks movement and contractions.  From their website: “Designed under the supervision of a board certified OBGYN Dr. Herbert S. Coussons. Our goal was to build an extremely simple to use application that computes results in a form that can be read directly to your medical team. Clinical beta testing has produced fantastic results and we are excited to release NineMonths to all mothers/fathers to be.”

3. Baby Tracker: Nursing

New moms, listen up! Looking for a quick and easy way to keep track of your nursing sessions? This iPhone app will save you time and trouble with a timer and log to keep track of your nursing session details.

4. Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

As we discuss in our nutrition podcast, what you eat during pregnancy is very important. Use this handy iphone app to help you make the right nutrition choices for you and your baby.

5. Pregnancy Calendar

Keep track of your weight during pregnancy, get week by week pregnancy progress updates and even create a birth plan! This app helps you prep everything you need for your trip to the birthing room: medical information, what you want to bring, people to contact, etc.

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4 Responses to “5 Pregnancy & Baby Apps For iPhone”

  1. Harry Harry Says:

    iLullaby is a great one. My boy really drifts off well too the softer style of lullaby.

  2. Alberto García Alberto García Says:

    Baby sleep care is one of the best, includes a music and voice mode to get your baby sleep and a phone mode that phone you when your baby awake. It’s really useful, at least for me :)

  3. Lynn Lynn Says:

    Would love to have an app for our medals to honor
    moms and babies, call me I have a great idea!

  4. Minnie Minnie Says:

    Expecting Nutrition is great I just got it and it’s really cool. It helps keep track of nutritional data for the food and drinks I’m consuming, tracks my weight so I can see how much I’m gaining throughout my pregnancy and has a way for me to share my data with my doctor directly. This is really helpful for me since my doc put me on a special diet due to medical reasons this way I can ensure I stick to it.

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