Swine Flu Vaccine Trials for Pregnant Women Begin

…and I have spoken with a doctor working on one of them. Dr. Flor Munoz-Rivas is a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases. She tells us about how the vaccine is made, whether it contains a controversial mercury-containing preservative, and why the women involved in the trial will also be giving up some of their baby’s umbilical cord blood when it’s born.

Listen to what Dr. Munoz has to say here…
Munoz is among those, including the Centers for Disease Control, who recommend that pregnant women get the H1N1 vaccine, when it becomes available.
According to NPR health reporter Richard Knox…

Six percent of swine flu cases so far have been in pregnant women, even though they represent only about 1.6 percent of the adult population. One study estimates that pregnant women have been hospitalized with swine flu four times more often than the general population. Their risk of dying from swine flu is 13 times higher.

Those are some seriously sobering numbers, and make the shot worth strongly considering, to protect both you and your baby.

If you decide against getting the H1N1 vaccine, please listen to my interview with Baylor College of Medicine obstetrician Kjersti Aagard in my blog posting Some Moms-To-Be Fear Swine Flu Shot More Than The Flu. Toward the end of the interview she offers some tips on how to avoid the flu if you don’t get the vaccine.

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