Melamine Found In American Infant Formula

It has killed at least six babies in China. Probably more. It has made at least 300,000 sick. Melamine can cause kidney stones and even kidney failure, and now traces of the industrial chemical have been found in America’s most popular infant formula brands.

That’s the kind of story that makes a mommy’s blood run cold.

OK…breathe. This story is not China’s story. Yes, traces of a potentially toxic substance have been found in infant formula here, but not in anywhere near the amounts found in Chinese formula. Medical experts and the F.D.A hope to reassure you that if you’re using formula, it’s safe. I spoke to one of those medical experts today, and we’ll have more on that in a bit.

First, what in the world is melamine? Well, it’s a chemical found in plastics, industrial cleaners and many other things. The F.D.A. has much more on melamine here.

In China, The F.D.A. says infant formula manufacturers laced their products with melamine to hide that they were nutritionally deficient. The melamine made it appear the formula contained more protein than it did. Unfortunately, they put so much in that babies started to get sick. Babies died.

Baylor College of Medicine Pediatrician Sara Rizvi says that is nothing like what has happened here. In the U.S., Investigators found minute traces of melamine. The suspicion is it may have come from contact with melamine containing substances during the manufacturing process. No one really knows for sure. They’re trying to find out.

But Dr. Rizvi urges you not to panic. She has no reason to believe formula will make your baby sick. She says don’t change brands and don’t switch to something nutritionally inferior. Just use what’s been working for you and your baby, while paying attention to the news (and this website).

Listen To What Dr. Sara Rizvi Has To Say About Formula And Melamine

A note…traces of melamine have been found in samples from all three of the big infant formula manufacturers in America. They are Abbott Laboratories, Nestle and Mead Johnson, makers of Similac, Good Start and Enfamil. They make 90% of all the formula produced here.

If you’re worried about this — or anything else related to your baby — Dr. Rizvi says to talk to your pediatrician. They want you to! That’s what they’re there for.

For everything you need to know about breastfeeding and bottle feeding, please listen to our Pea in the Podcasts on those subjects on the home page.


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2 Responses to “Melamine Found In American Infant Formula”

  1. Worried Mum Worried Mum Says:

    What about using organic formulas or other brands formulas, like Earth's Best instead?? Are they from the same manufacturer or their own products?

  2. Bonnie Petrie Bonnie Petrie Says:

    Good question…I found this quote…

    "Hain Celestial Group Inc said its tests found no melamine or a related by-product, cyanuric acid, in its Earth's Best Organic formula."


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